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31 signs you're in an alternate-universe Las Vegas

Scott Dickensheets

It's alternate-reality Vegas, baby!

31 signs you’re in an alternate universe

Hey, pop culture tells us this can happen — know what to look for!


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The Strip is at Lamb and Nellis

LV school system is only fourth worst funded in nation

Frenchman’s Mountain made of actual Frenchmen

Parking pays you

There’s a newspaper in town

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Brandon Flowers occurs as both wave and particle

Excalibur contains a working feudal society

Downtown imposes martial law on beard lengths

It is the heat, not the humidity

Las Vegas Monorail routinely makes Kessel run in 11.9 parsecs

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Two men enter, three men leave

Famous welcome sign reads, “Ahoy, sexy!”

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of Dave Courvoisier

Mayors replaced by GIFs of ribbon-cuttings

“Adelson whisperer” is state’s fastest-growing job category

The Mobb Deep Museum

Emoji graveyards

Cirque du Soleil’s new blockbuster: Schrödinger’s Cat in the Hat

“Giunchigliani” pronounced “Smith”

What happens at Sam’s Town stays at Sam’s Town

Legislature replaced by “political residencies”

Robin Leach is least-popular candle scent

Fear and Loathing takes place entirely in Centennial Hills

When walked on with stiletto heels, Fremont Street giggles

Orange cones actually fix roads

Harry Reid is the wiliest, most powerful concierge on the Strip

Sharknado 4 is a documentary

Hooters a popular owl-themed family resort

Common Millennial catchphrase is, “Whatever, Trevor Sweatherweather”

Taco trucks on every corner

SkyNet has achieved sentience, but only enough to speed up the High Roller until riders vomit