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Street Foodie: This Vegan Ramen is Sane Comfort Food for Crazy Times

Photo by Brent Holmes

Ramen Show's vegan ramen is an edible orchid of flavor and style.

Pandemics, protests, and a precarious economy might have your head spinning and your gut churning. Street Foodie gets it. It’s been a difficult year. Finding comfort and maintaining your health in mercurial times is a fine line many of us struggle to walk, even in the most placid periods. But heroes do emerge from bedlam, and the vegan ramen at Ramen Show is one such hero. Describing a bowl of soup as dazzling might seem preposterous, but Street Foodie finds it difficult to access a more appropriate word. The broth is the first surprise, and acts as the soul of this dish. Made from a potato base and infused with truffle oil, it delivers the same deep, rich intensity you find in cream without the typical heaviness  — giving comfort-food vibes that still feel like a healthy choice. Hand-cut noodles bring a bouncy, velvety mouthfeel that fans of quality ramen will delight in. And then there’s the panoply of toppings so beautiful you almost feel guilty eating them! (Almost.) An edible orchid of flavor and style: Sautéed spinach with a hint of sesame oil plays well with the truffle base, and corn and fried garlic lend a nutty, aromatic one-two punch. Lotus root chips add a crunchy texture, while sliced wood ear mushrooms give the dish just a touch of fleshy realness. Thin-sliced hot pepper livens up the mix, and nori adds just a hint of the ocean. Squeeze in a drop of lemon juice and scoop up a few cherry tomatoes for a contrasting brightness that punctuates the elegance of this thoughtful dish. Street Foodie declares this vegan ramen responsible comfort food with a valuable lesson: Experiencing such a variety of flavor and texture working toward a common good may just deliver some insight beyond the dining room table.

Ramen Show
7835 S. Rainbow Blvd. #7


(Editor's note: Brent Holmes no longer works for Nevada Public Radio)