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Day Sponsor Reservation Form

As a Day Sponsor, your dedications are limited to personal messages or can be used to recognize a non-profit of your choice. It cannot be used to promote a for-profit business or any other organization’s goods and/or services. It may not be used to provide a forum for discussion or advocacy of political or religious issues. Sponsorship days are reserved on a first come, first served basis. Each Day consists of 8 individual 20 second spots (4 on KNPR, 4 on KCNV).

If you have any questions regarding your message, please contact Membership at 702-259-7849. Thank you.

Nevada Public Radio reserves the right to refuse any dedication that is of a controversial nature or in poor taste. NVPR’s Day Sponsor Accumulation Policy has changed. Please be advised that if there is a lapse in your membership status all your banked day sponsor messages will expire and be null and void.

FCC Restrictions

The FCC imposes certain restrictions on non-commercial broadcasters related specifically to on-air messaging. The following are not permitted:

Direct calls to action, e.g., visit our showroom, to purchase tickets, call now.

Qualitative or comparative language, e.g., the best florist, the widest selection.

Inducement to buy, e.g., discounts available, buy one get one free, on sale now.

References to price including the words free or complimentary.

Certain types of accreditations or honorifics are not permitted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I read or record my own messages?

No, our messages are read on-air by our in house announcers.

Can I gift my messages to a friend?

Yes and no, you can dedicate your message to your friend or to a cause they care about, but the final message must still designate you as the donor per FCC rules.

Can I pick the times that my messages run?

No, we have a set schedule for when day sponsor messages will air.


Can I read or record my own messages?

No, our messages are read on-air by our in house announcers.

Today’s Nevada Public Radio Day Sponsor is Elana (E-Lan-Uh, sounds like banana) Graham, in support of Christ Church Episcopal’s 47th Annual "Lobster Fair" - Saturday, October 21, 9 to 3 featuring steamed and live main "Lobster Fair dot com"

Today’s Nevada Public Radio Day Sponsor is Halina (Ha-LEE-na) Vergiels (Ver-JEELS) in loving memory of her husband, Jack Vergiels (Ver-JEELS). She says, "Happy birthday to the love of my life, Jack. You ar always on my mind and in my heart."

Enter Details

Common phrases used to personalize your message include: honor of..., celebration of... and memory of... Please provide phonetic spellings of all names and any additional proper nouns. Messages may be slightly reworded for better on-air sound. Messages must be approved before airing to ensure they meet FCC standards.