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Downtown Las Vegas Performers Concerned With Bid To Rein Them In

LAS VEGAS (AP) — The downtown Las Vegas performers who by night are more recognizable as rocker Paul Stanley of KISS, a Blues Brother, late musician Rick James or a showgirl say they're concerned about a city of Las Vegas effort reining in where they can perform on Fremont Street.

The performers gathered inside Las Vegas City Hall Tuesday to hear more about a proposed ordinance introduced July 29 by Councilmen Bob Coffin and Ricki Barlow aimed at cleaning up the acts of tip-seeking buskers in the Fremont Street Experience pedestrian mall.

Provisions include limiting performances to zones six-feet wide in diameter and requiring performers to sign-up to use them.

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The city is expected to consider the proposal Sept. 2.

Officials say they're worried some performances are offending tourists and discouraging visits downtown.