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UT Debating Lifting Sales Tax On Tampons, Feminine Hygiene Products

Debate over whether to tax tampons and other feminine hygiene products has made its way to conservative Utah, where a bill is set to be heard by a committee made of only men.

Governments that make money this way penalize women for their biology, some say. That perspective has picked up momentum, with at least five U.S. states dumping taxes on such products.

But the Utah proposal could face a steep challenge, as some worry that eliminating the sales tax will put a dent in state revenue streams.

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Stephanie Pitcher with the Utah Women's Coalition says menstruating is not a choice for females, so feminine hygiene products should not be considered luxury items.

Lawmakers are expected to discuss the proposal in a tax committee meeting later this week.

"The chances of it getting out of committee are probably not very good, but I'm not going to give up on it," she said.