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Clinton, Trump Win Arizona, But Don't Discount Their Rivals Yet

WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton prevailed in Arizona's primary, putting them a step closer to facing each other in the final race for the White House.

Contests yesterday in Arizona, Utah and Idaho were deciding how near that moment might be for one of them or both. The two are clear front-runners, but Clinton has an easier path. Democratic rival Bernie Sanders won in Utah and Idaho but Clinton's win in Arizona prevented the Vermont senator from cutting deeply into her delegate lead by night's end.

Even Trump is raising questions now about whether he can clinch the Republican nomination before the July convention. Texas Senator Ted Cruz won Utah's primary and was on pace to win all of the state's delegates by finishing with more than 50 percent of the vote.

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In contrast, Clinton's lead in delegates is close to unassailable, but coming primaries may be friendly enough to Sanders to keep him credibly in the Democratic fight.

Idaho and Arizona had reports of long lines heading into their contests. Democratic party leaders in Idaho delayed the start time for the caucus in Ada County, which includes Boise, to accommodate long lines of people waiting to enter the site.