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Carson City Tap Water Turns Brown, But City Says Not To Worry

Carson City officials say routine maintenance has caused the city's tap water to run brown but that it is still safe to drink.

KTVN-TV reports that the Carson City Public Works Department is performing annual maintenance to its water mains and flushing the lines, causing some tap water to appear discolored and brown with sediments.

Public works department Environmental Control Supervisor Kelly Hale says the water may be unappealing, but it isn't hazardous to anyone's health.

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Hale says the city usually flushes its water mains every spring, but has skipped the maintenance the past few years due to the drought. Flushing one line can use about 1,000 gallons of water. Hale says the time between flushes means there is more buildup, making the water even murkier than usual.