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Net Metering Battle Continues

The battle over net metering in Nevada is continuing.

The Las Vegas Sun reports customers who currently have rooftop solar installed in their homes may be able to be grandfathered into a lower utility rate until 2035.

In principle, NV Energy, solar companies and Nevada's Bureau of Consumer Protection, as a part of Gov. Sandoval's New Energy Task Force, came to an agreement where those who put in solar panels before the cap on net metering was reached will still get their lower rates.

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Those who installed them afterward, though, would need to pay the higher rates currently being phased in.

It's unknown when this change would take effect, though a legislative proposal to make it law may come up during the 2017 session. 

Casey Morell is the coordinating producer of Nevada Public Radio's flagship broadcast State of Nevada and one of the station's midday newscast announcers. (He's also been interviewed by Jimmy Fallon, whatever that's worth.)