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Family That Owns Land Near Area 51 Suing Government Over Eminent Domain Seizure

The family that owns property near Area 51 that was seized by the Air Force through eminent domain says their latest independent appraisal of the value of the land north of Las Vegas exceeds $40 million.

James Leavitt, a lawyer for the Sheahan family, says that's a far cry from the $333,000 the government is offering.

Leavitt told the Las Vegas Review-Journal the latest appraisals estimating a top-end value of $116 million were exchanged last week during discovery in the ongoing land dispute U.S. District Court.

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Air Force officials initially offered $5.2 million for the 400 acres. But they rescinded that offer last fall, seized the land and now appraise it at $333,000.

Leavitt says the family is prepared to go to trial if the government continues to ignore their constitutional right to just compensation.