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Tonopah Solar Plant Temporarily Offline

A new solar plant in Tonopah has been taken offline temporarily.

The Tonopah Times-Bonanza and Goldfield News reports a salt leak has caused the plant to shut down.

Salt is used in the plant to store heat captured from the sun.

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That heat is then used to turn a steam turbine to generate electricity once the sun goes down.

One of the tanks that stores salt at the plant was discovered to have a leak in it.

Workers are trying to determine where the leak is, and how best to fix it.

The spill is non-toxic and does not threaten the environment around the plant or the air over Tonopah.

The plant had planned to be fully operational by January, and was not running at full capacity when it was taken offline.

Casey Morell is the coordinating producer of Nevada Public Radio's flagship broadcast State of Nevada and one of the station's midday newscast announcers. (He's also been interviewed by Jimmy Fallon, whatever that's worth.)