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Nevada Eyes Expedited Health Care For Immigrant Kids

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Lawmakers are pushing for Nevada to join 31 other states in making government-subsidized health care available to immigrant children sooner.

A bill heard Monday would abolish a five-year wait period for young immigrants living in the country legally to get insurance coverage tailored to low-income families.

Legislative analysts estimate the policy shift could expand health care to roughly 7,500 children over the next year.

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Supporters say it would make a world of difference for children whose families cannot otherwise afford basic medical services for five years.

Analysts say the expanded coverage would cost the state $5.3 million annually.

Opponents argue that's too expensive and believe family members living in the country illegally could benefit from their kids' insurance.

Naomi Lewis of the Department of Health and Human Services says the insurance in non-transferrable.

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