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UNR Staff Relocated Due To Radiation

The University of Nevada, Reno said 30 employees working in a building where low levels of radiation were found will be moved to new offices this week.

The Facilities Services Building was found to have low levels of radiation late last year, after a state agency that monitors radiation exposure looked into the building.

The found that it was built in 1920 and was used by the U.S. Bureau of Mines for research on the separation from radium from ore until about 1924.

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The risk to the current or previous employees and students workers, who manage UNR’s planning, construction and maintenance, is very low according to UNR’s Director of Environmental Health and Safety Stephanie Woolf.  

Woolf said the exposure over a year for anyone in the building would amount to what one might receive from having an annual X-ray. In some parts of the building, the exposure risk could have been equal to as many as five X-rays over a year’s time