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Nevada Legislative Resolution Opposes Yucca Mountain

(Carson City, Nev.) -- Assembly Joint Resolution 10 outlines the legislature’s stiff opposition to renewed plans to build a nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain. 

Back in March, the Trump administration drew the ire of Nevada politicians when $120 million in funding for the project appeared in the president’s budget proposal. 

That anger intensified after energy secretary Rick Perry visited Yucca just days afterward.

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Since then, Nevada’s senators and representatives have declared their opposition to the plan in speeches before the state legislature.

Gov. Brian Sandoval is also a long-time critic of Yucca Mountain, having fought against the plan as the state’s attorney general more than a decade ago. 

Many in the public don't seem to want the project to happen either.

A recent poll from the Mellman group and The Nevada Independent found nearly 6 in 10 Nevadans don't support the project.