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Legislative Deadline Looms

(Carson City) -- The Nevada legislature is coming up on the next big deadline of this year’s legislative session.
Tomorrow is the first house passage deadline. 

In other words, any bill that isn’t out of the chamber it originated in by the end of Tuesday will die.

It also means the legislature will be running a marathon.

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Committee meetings the next two days are being shuffled around or canceled to make way for now hours-long floor sessions.

During these floor sessions, legislators often still will amend bills or put statements on the record, and that can lengthen an already long process.

Some think may run the legislature will stay at work until midnight tonight and tomorrow.

Right now, the legislature is considering roughly 700 bills after about 250 died after the last legislative deadline 10 days ago. 

In the assembly, measures ranging from water management to addressing the state’s rape kit backlog are up for debate.

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The senate is taking up bills exploring new regulations for polling places to ones putting limits on gun access for those convicted on domestic violence charges.