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Bundy Says Sheriff Has Land Authority, Not Feds

LAS VEGAS (AP) — The Nevada rancher and states' rights figure who was freed after federal charges were dismissed in an armed standoff with government agents says the county sheriff and the governor are the only authorities he recognizes.

Cliven Bundy went to Las Vegas police headquarters on Wednesday to tell reporters the federal government has no jurisdiction in the Gold Butte area near his ranch, even though it was named a national monument during the 20 months he was in jail.

Bundy says he's protecting his rights, and people should protect their rights, too.

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He says he expects Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo to protect his life, liberty and property if the federal government comes again for his cattle.

Bundy says it doesn't matter that President Donald Trump replaced Barack Obama while Bundy was in jail because he believes the U.S. government has no land-owning authority in the states.