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Exhumed Remains Of 13 Chinese Men To Be Reburied In Nevada

CARLIN, Nev. (AP) — The remains of 13 Chinese men unearthed in northeast Nevada more than two decades ago will finally be reburied in the Carlin City Cemetery.

The Elko Daily Free Press reports the remains will be honored with a traditional Chinese ceremony Tuesday after they were sent off for archaeological study in 1996.

Thousands of Chinese immigrants arrived in the western United States to work in mines following the California Gold Rush in 1848, and later many were hired to construct the Transcontinental Railroad in the 1880s.

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A resident discovered the remains after digging on his Carlin property in 1996. The caskets were exhumed from the forgotten Chinese cemetery and began a journey through the Nevada State Museum and the Smithsonian Institution before ending up at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.