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Nye County Sheriff Searching For 3 People Digging For Treasure On Old Binion Property

The Nye County Sheriff’s office is searching for three people suspected of trying to dig up treasures on property once owned by casino executive Ted Binion in Pahrump.

Surveillance photos captured three men on the property with shovels March 30.

Sheriff’s Deputy Ann Horak said in a statement there is a long-standing rumor that Binion had buried a large amount of precious metals on his property.

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In 1998, the sheriff's office did find $5 million worth of silver that belonged to Binion. The silver was being lifted out of underground vault by a friend of Binion, Rick Tabish, just a few days after Binion was found dead.

Tabish and Binion's girlfriend Sandy Murphy were charged with Binion's murder. After initially being found guilty, they were acquitted in a retrial. 

Ted Binion was the son of legendary casino operator Benny Binion.