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County Home To Area 51 Drafts Emergency Plan For Big Crowds


LAS VEGAS (AP) — Officials in Nevada's rural Lincoln County have drafted an emergency declaration and are planning with state officials for possible crowds to arrive for an event next month dubbed "Storm Area 51."

County Commission Chairman Varlin Higbee says lawmakers on Monday conditionally approved two events in tiny desert towns near the once top-secret U.S. Air Force test area.

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Area 51 is popularly known as the site of government studies of outer space aliens.

The Little A'Le'Inn in Rachel is scheduling an event called Alienstock on Sept. 20-22.

The Alien Research Center souvenir shop in Hiko plans a Sept. 20-21 expo.

Higbee tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal that officials are taking seriously the chance that a surge of visitors could overwhelm campsites, fuel stops and public medical, internet and cellphone services.