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California Lawmakers Reach Out To Nevada On Gun Control Issues

Nearly two dozen California lawmakers have asked to meet with their counterparts in Nevada about the state’s gun laws.

Alarmed that the gun used in a mass shooting in Gilroy was bought legally in Nevada, the proposal was made in a letter sent to Nevada State Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson.

Gunman Santino William Legan bought the military-style AK-47 legally in Nevada less than three weeks before the attack that killed three people and wounded 13.

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California Assembly Member Jesse Garbriel of Encino said there are two California laws he would like to see adopted in Nevada that would have blocked the Gilroy shooter – a ban on assault weapons and a prohibition on selling guns to anyone under age 21.

The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives traced more than 1,500 guns recovered in California to original purchases in Nevada.

Frierson has not yet responded to the California lawmakers’ request.