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Important Update from NVPR Board of Directors

Nevada Public Radio is facing significant business challenges that have resulted in severe cash flow issues. We are working with our attorneys and external advisors to help navigate through this challenging situation.

As of today, our CEO, Flo Rogers is stepping down so an interim CEO can bring the necessary level of financial and legal expertise currently needed to allow us to move ahead effectively in stabilizing Nevada Public Radio in order to continue serving our audiences. Our former Board of Directors’ Chair, Jerry Nadal, has agreed to serve as Interim CEO beginning September 23, 2019. Between now and September 23, our Board Treasurer will oversee the financial operations and the Board Governance Committee Chair will oversee the organization’s business management. During this transition period Flo Rogers has graciously agreed to assist the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is implementing major cost-cutting efforts while planning a restructure of the organization to increase efficiency and revenues. As part of this strategy, we are reviewing and analyzing every operational expense and eliminating all such expenses that are not absolutely essential to ensure continued operations.

Sponsor Message

We also, sadly, laid off all four of our NV89 (our Reno station) staff members, will no longer air the music discovery format and will instead remotely broadcast our KNPR program schedule on NV89. We had great hopes for NV89 and worked very hard to seek out community financial support in Reno with only modest success. Additionally, we are exploring the sale of Northern Nevada and Utah assets.

We are confident that we can turn things around with the continued oversight of the Board of Directors and under the leadership of Jerry Nadal and the support of our audience and donors.