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Southern Nevada Health District Report: Black, Asian, Pacific Islander COVID-19 Patients Dying At Higher Rates Than White, Hispanic Patients

The Southern Nevada Health District released a report Friday with demographic information on coronavirus patients in Clark County.

The report reveals death rates are disproportionately higher for black, Asian and Pacific Islander patients than for white and Hispanic patients.

Health District Public Health Preparedness Manager Jeff Quinn said the numbers highlight an underlying concern.

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“Right now, if you look at who is typically getting tested, and the locations of actually where they get the testing, with that contingent upon the availability of having enough tests available to test, it also raises the questions about access to care," Quinn said in a Zoom news conference, "And really, do we have enough access to care of our vulnerable populations and those that, based on the data, were seeing an uptick in reporting on those cases.”

The data also show the coronavirus death rate in Clark County is much higher for men than for women.