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School Board Votes To Move Forward With Implicit Bias Training

The Clark County School Board voted five-to-two in favor of moving forward with scheduled implicit bias training. 

The webinars for district school staff are contingent upon the delivery of related preliminary school data from the superintendent’s office by May 20.

One dissenting voice was Clerk Danielle Ford from District F, who said it’s just too much for staff to deal with while also handling all the moving parts of education in the context of COVID-19.

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“From what I’ve seen, our employees are completely overextended as is, and they’re dealing with their own personal issues," she said, "So that should not be included in the reasons to continue with it, and we absolutely should not hold it against anyone who is unable to focus on it.”

Ford said she does want to come back to the plans at a later date because equity training is important, but that now is not the time.