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Style: Drop dead gorgeous

This Halloween, be the living dead of the party with this sugar  skull makeover

Halloween make-up is this holiday’s hot trend, and the sugar skull is all the rage. If you’re looking for an easy face-paint “mask” to complete your Day of the Dead costume, try this look created by Kelly Belmonte of Syfy’s “Naked Vegas.”

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1 Using a foundation brush, cover the face white, leaving the eye sockets blank.

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2 With a chiseled brush, color in the eye sockets with the color of your choice. Be neat about it, keeping it in tight circles around the eyes, covering the eyebrows.

3 After washing the chiseled brush, use it to add pink, or the color of your choice, to the eyelids. Blend the two colors together where they meet, keeping the pink on the cup of the eye. To keep the face feminine, add a little matte black eye shadow to create a smoky-eye effect, then dab some glitter to the eyelid on top of the pink color.

4 Using a lip brush, create dots around the eyes, one right next to each other at the edge of the socket color. (You can also use adhesive rhinestones.) Follow up by making a smaller dot with another color in the center of each of the dots you just created, then using an eyeliner brush to line each “petal” you created with the center-dot color and then with black. Add as many colors as you want around the eyes to make them pop.

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5 Using a brush, draw a flower on the chin with any color, outlining the petals in black. Add green leaves if you like.

6 With the chiseled brush, make a nesting V shape on the forehead, using two colors of your choice. Then, with black, draw a spider web. (Do this by drawing a line from the bridge of the nose to the hairline, repeating at different angles. Connect them with half-circles for a web effect.)

7 Using an eyeliner brush, draw an upside-down heart on the nose in black paint.

8 For the mouth, draw a line coming out from each side of the mouth, meeting in the middle of the lips, then draw vertical lines across that line, spaced out evenly. Add contour around the cheek and jaw with a matte gray eye shadow to create a jawbone effect.

9 Add swirls and swoops to the cheeks.

10 Finish your Day of the Dead look with mascara, some showgirl lashes, a black wig topped with tons of artificial or paper flowers and a black dress or corset.