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Trendsetter: Marisela Altamirano, Fashion and lifestyle blogger at

Marisela Altimirano
Lucky Wenzel

Describe your personal style: It’s transitional. Grounded in classics but always incorporating trends to the mix. I’m all about cost per wear. 

How did you get started? I maintained a blog for a previous business venture, and once that ended I didn’t want to stop blogging. So I transitioned it to a personal style blog. 

Finish this sentence: “What I love most about fall is …”:  The luxe textiles and rich hues. 

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What fall trends are you excited to slip into? I’m excited about the continuation of the ’70s revival but with a rich, upscale bohemian vibe. 

What is your fall 2015 hero piece? A sleeveless duster coat for us Las Vegas peeps. They’re perfect for mild weather layering and can be styled with anything.

What item could you not live without? I couldn’t live without Low Beams nipple concealers by Commando. Perfect for those days when a bra is just not an option, but neither is having your girls on display. I use them year ’round. They’re life-changing. 

Which fashion rules are made for breaking? Fashion and personal style are having a major moment right now. Individuality is being celebrated more than ever, so now is the time to break all the rules and experiment. 

Three things no woman should leave the house without? Proper undergarments. SPF moisturizer, face and body. Enough water to get through the day. 

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Best style advice you have ever been given? “Dress for the position you want.” She was referring to a promotion I was seeking at work, but nonetheless it stayed with me. 

A funny fashion faux-pas story? My best friend was here on vacation, and we headed out for a night of fun. At our first stop she broke a heel. We popped some gum, headed to the bathroom and attempted to glue the heel back on. Needless to say, it didn’t work very well, but it didn’t ruin our night. She avoided pressure on that heel and we continued to have fun. Not a single person picked up on it. 


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