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Cocktail of the month: The Cordelia at Other Mama

The Cordelia
Brent Holmes

“By all these lovely tokens, September days are here,” poet Helen Hunt Jackson once mused, probably while sitting at the bar in Other Mama, and by “these lovely tokens” surely meaning a flight of iced oysters and, especially, the elegant Cordelia. Other Mama kept the Cordelia off of its menu during the hot months — this suave drink doesn’t readily comport with summer’s demand for friskier cocktails. The Cordelia does not quench. Now it’s back for fall, its robust orange-and-cinnamon bourbon, honey and lemon (which, btw, richly demonstrates the role aroma plays in a drink’s satisfaction) perfectly delivering the message of September: Retire your flip-flops and beach reads; time to get real again. The Cordelia makes it easy. Scott Dickensheets

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(Editor's note: Scott Dickensheets no longer works for Nevada Public Radio)