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Money It's a Gas: Bucks Wild

Bucks Wild

With artisanal cash trending, local artists imagine an LV currency


In August, the New York Times reported on cities that’ve created their own money — “small-batch currencies designed by locals ...” Great idea! Now, it might seem as if Las Vegas already has its own bespoke financial system, a fluctuating mix of poker chips, comps and celebrity connections. But what if we were to make it more official — something you can fold into a money clip or a maitre d’s palm? We’d be the envy of the U.S. Treasury if we circulated (clockwise from top) the cheery bill designed by Maureen Adamo; Jw Caldwell’s devaluation-ready culture bucks; Matthew Couper’s social-commentary currency; Sean Jones’ entertaining tender; or Bobbie Ann Howell’s liquid cash. Spend it all in one place!