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Eat this now: Tex-Mex vegan wrap

Tex-mex vegan wrap
Photography by Christopher Smith

Tex-mex vegan wrap

At Divine Café at Springs Preserve

333 S. Valley View Blvd., 702-822-7700,

The best vegetarian and vegan food happens when a chef is thinking up something new to do with plant-based ingredients, rather than trying to imitate a meat-based dish. That’s what seems to have happened here, where a staple Southern side, succotash, is Southwestified with black beans, Spanish rice and cumin vinaigrette, and then rolled up with crunchy Romaine in a sun-dried tomato tortilla. It’s hard to get excited about a wrap, but the creator of this one managed to layer a nice variety of flavors and textures in a nifty, handheld form. Divine also does fast-casual right: plating handmade food on pretty dishes, delivered within minutes of ordering. At $9.50 for, essentially, a fancy burrito, it’s the least you can expect. That price does include a choice of sides, though; this one calls for the sweet potato tots.

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