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Holiday Lights


PLASKON: Destiny Waddy bought her home a month ago. Little did she know her quiet cul-de-sac would be the target of hundreds of people driving through slowly at night.

WADDY: You get a lot of people who are driving around in your neigborhood now hu?" "It doesn't bother us though. Sometimes I sit out there and wave.

PLASKON: Among these night stalkers is Nicole Monteltoe and her children. Monteltoe says what she sees here is unique in Las Vegas.

MONTELTOE: Nothing like this though, this is really cool, that they have so many lights.

PLASKON: 30-year resident Shirley Campbell agrees.

CAMPBELL: I think this is about the best display that I have seen. Kind of a winter wonder land. Disney would be in the theme.

PLASKON: What makes this different is that all four houses in the cul-de-sac are glittering with lights wrapped thick around trees and strewn across their wide lawns. The glowing acres of wire deer, cardboard cut-outs, signs and even a sled turn heads and seems to magnetically draw carloads of people. Campbell says she likes it when St Nick stops by.

CAMPBELL: A lot of times he sets up santa clause and plays santa on Fridays and Saturday nights.

PLASKON: Homeowner Waddy has never participated in something like this but since her neighbors are infatuated with lights she know how it would look if she didn't put up some too.

WADDY: It would be kinda odd if we didn't do it. I wouldn't say forces us but it was fun. We didn't imagine doing it but now that we have done it is fun. Wouldn't it be weird if you just drove through and it was dark over here, we would be like the grinch over here so it is pretty cool.

PLASKON: Nearly all the strangers who drive in here to look do it for their children, but the luckiest children of all may be Waddy's.

CHILDREN: The colors and our house is nice, it is the best house, I think it is the best house and santa clause and ha ha ha.

PLASKON: And the display has become a major inspiration to continue the tradition.

Ky Plaskon, News 88-9, KNPR

CHILDREN: Put more lights on. We are going to put more lights on next year. He says it's gonna be pimpin. That means it is going to be nice.