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A little thought and a lot of fragrance can be added to your landscape. Norm Schilling has some ideas.

Mock Orange (Pittosporum tobira)



Creosote (Larrea tridentata)



Powis Castle Wormwood
(Artemisia arborescens 'Powis Castle')



Lavender Cotton
(Santolina chamaecyparissus)



Chaste tree
(Vitex agnus-castus)



Arabian Jasmine
(Jasminum sambac)



Sacred Datura
(Datura wrightii)


Blackfoot Daisy
(Melampodium leucanthum)


And congratulations to Norm Schilling. For the fourth year in a row, Norm's work won first place in the SNWA Landscape Awards in the category of Landscape Design by a Professional.

Norm says "I was also personally honored to have received the Linn Mills Award. It is given to an individual who makes a significant or outstanding contribution in the area(s) of water conservation, horticulture and/or landscape design. I feel very honored."