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Poet Pablo Medina


Pablo Medina left Cuba when he was 12, but he still remembers Havana and the salty breeze off the ocean. He lives in New York now. The poet joins us to talk about bridging two worlds, and how memories of Cuba still weave through his poems. Pablo Medina will be speaking with authors Junot Diaz and Yiyun Li about "blurring borders" in literature as part of a Black Mountain Institute event. We will be airing interviews with all three writers on KNPR's State of Nevada.

Pablo Medina will be speaking about "Blurring Borders" with authors Junot Diaz and Yiyun Li Tuesday, April 6th at UNLV's Student Union Theater. The event starts at 7 p.m. and is put on by the Black Mountain Institute.

Pablo Medina, Cuban-American poet, novelist and translator

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