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Discovering Element 117

Take a team of Russian and American scientists, dd an atom smasher, mix in protons and neutrons... and voila! You've got yourself a new element on the periodic table. Presenting Element 117! We talk to a UNLV professor and PhD student who helped make it happen. They tell us about the moment of discovery and why uncovering a new element is like finding the Holy Grail for scientists.

Ralf Sudowe, Asst Prof of Health Physics and Radiochemistry, UNLV
Megan Bennett, PhD Student, Radiochemistry Dept, UNLV

  • Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Russia)
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Ralf Sudowe, PhD
  • UNLV News Center: UNLV Part of International Research Team that Discovers Newest Element on the Periodic Table
  • UNLV Radiochemistry
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