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No Parent Left Behind


Community organizer Andres Mendoza totes a bullhorn to school board meetings to make a statement. He won't be silenced. He is the organizer of a largely Hispanic grass roots movement pushing for systemic change in the Clark County School District called No Parent Left Behind.

Mendoza's current campaign is to have Jim Rogers instated as temporary superintendent of the Clark County School District. (Rogers is former chancellor the Nevada System of Higher Education.) But his story points to bigger questions about CCSD:

* How well is the school district serving parents?
* How can parents voice opinions on CCSD policy?
* What is the the CCSD board of directors doing to facilitate parental involvement?

We talk to Mendoza about CCSD. And we've asked the CCSD Board of Directors join us as well, to answer your questions.

If you're a parent with a concern or question for CCSD, share it here.

Andres Mendoza, Pres and Founder, No Parent Left Behind
Terri Janison, president, Clark County School District Board of Trustees.
Sheila Moulton, CCSD School Board trustee, District G

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