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Tasting Tea with the Experts


What's light as a feather and expected to bring in $10 billion dollars this year? Tea. That's right: those green leaves are apparently worth their weight in gold, and this June, world tea aficionados are flocking to Las Vegas to pay homage to the Midas of all drinks. The World Tea Expo attendees pour into town June 11-13 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. What teas are the best? How can you tell when a tea is high quality? Three world-class tea experts bring their palate (and their leaves) into our studios. So raise your cups... we're toasting the world's best teas at KNPR!

Jane Pettigrew, international tea consultant and writer
Beth Johnston, Owner, Teas Etc. Inc., and winner, 2008 World Tea Championship (Hot Tea Category)
George Jage, Founder, World Tea Expo, and co-organizer, North American Tea Championship


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