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Ricardo Esparza


When Ricardo Esparza taught at rural Washington state high school he vowed to remind his students what was at stake if they didn't graduate. So he filled a suitcase with $400,000 worth of fake money to illustrate the amount of money over a lifetime they would lose without a high school diploma. That was just one of the ways Ricardo Esparza went about affecting change as a principal. And his methods, while not agreed upon by some, worked. He doubled the graduation rate at his school and significantly improved performance.

So what would he do in Clark County? Esparza says most people think you can't compare a large district like CCSD and his rural school in Washington. But those people are wrong.

We continue our summer series on education with educator and former principal Richard Esparza. He tells us how better communication with parents and a personalized plan for all students can not only change individual schools and districts but education across the country.

Ricardo Esparza, former Principal at Granger HS

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