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Wait Wait … it's Paula Poundstone on KNPR! (aired 2011)

Paula Poundstone
Paula Poundstone

Paula Poundstone

Originally aired: Jan. 19, 2011

We're doing a summer series, looking back at some of the interesting people and topics we've talked about on State of Nevada over last several years.

Wait, wait ... don't tell me ... but it's true! Paula Poundstone is coming to KNPR! The wisecracking contestant from NPR's trivia show brings her jokes and her musings on being a female comedian.

She also tells us why she's got a "cat-cam" trained on her 13 cats, and answers the ultimate question: would her voice or Carl Kassel's sound better on your answering machine?

Paula Poundstone performs at The Orleans Hotel and Casino Showroom on January 22 and 23.

Paula Poundstone, comedian

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