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Intelligence Squared Special


Modelled on the British program "Intelligence Squared," IQ2US is an Oxford-style debate that is provocative, intellectually rich, humorous, and dramatic. For each debate a motion is proposed. Then, three panelists argue for the motion and three argue against it, with a moderator controlling the proceedings. After the formal arguments, the debate is thrown open to the floor for questions, triggering a lively interchange among the speakers and audience members.

Each side attempts to persuade the audience to vote their way. This adversarial context is electric, adding drama and excitement to the proceedings. The live audience will vote on the motion both before and after hearing the arguments, so there is a clear measure of how far people have actually been swayed. Those votes are tallied during the evening and announced at the end with a clear side winning.

We debate the following questions:

" Is the two-party system making America ungovernable?"
Moderator: John Donvan
Speaking for the motion: David Brooks, Arianna Huffington
Speaking against the motion: Zev Chafets, P.J. O'Rourke

" Should America stop accepting the poor, the tired, the huddled masses?"
Moderator: John Donvan
Speaking for the motion: Tom Tancredo, Kris Kobach
Speaking against the motion: Julian Castro, Tamar Jacoby

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