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The Great Geezer Getaway

Larry Litchfield and Dave Kennedy are two self-proclaimed "old guys."  They both retired, over 70, widowed, and sing in a barbershop quartet.  They're also best friends.  While they've got their aches and pains, they didn't want to sit around in a senior center.  So they decided to take a road trip to see America, and the "Great Geezer Getaway" was born.  One motorcycle rally, 18 days, 3750 miles, and a minor trespassing stint later, their little Honda arrived home.  The two "Geezers" tell us all about their adventures, and what's on tap for the Great Geezer Getaway Part 2!



Larry Litchfield

Dave Kennedy



Grand Canyon North Rim


Cloud Burst in Monument Valley


Black Canyon of the Gunnison


French Creek Ranch


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  • Great Geezer Getaway (Part 2)
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