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Behind the Curtain with Male Dancers


Meet Jace Crispin: he's a tall, blond, sunkissed California guy.  He's a former Olympic water polo champion--and he has the abs to prove it.  And six nights a week, he's dancing onstage for screaming bachelorette parties.  The Strip is famous for its female dancers and strippers, but what about the men? 


We talk to performers from Chippendales and Sapphire about life behind the curtains, and why stereotypes about male dancers are wrong.  Plus, they share stories about bachelorette parties, and how women view and treat them when they're performing. 


Have you been to a male review or strip show?  Was it what you expected?  How are they different than female dance clubs?  Do women act differently in a showroom with dancing men than outside those doors?  How do these clubs market to men and women differently?  Share your stories.



Jace Crispin, dancer, Chippendales

A.J., dancer and producer, Men of Sapphire, Sapphire Gentlemen's Club

Erin Ryan, reporter, LV Weekly

Irene Noguchi, Coordinating Producer, KNPR's State of Nevada

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