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An Education Plan to Help Native American Farmers


Staci Emm has farmed her family's land on a Paiute Reservation for most of her life.  Over the years, she noticed communication problems between USDA officials and Native American farmers and ranchers.  They sometimes didn't understand the specifics of certain tribal land rights, and that led to frustration on both sides.  So Staci and a fellow University of Nevada colleague, Loretta Singletary, decided to write a curriculum to educate officials.  They call it "People of the Land," and they're hoping it will ease tensions between the USDA and Native Americans.  Staci and Loretta talk about the new program, and the importance of farming one's native lands.



Staci Emm, Native American farmer and Extension Educator, UNCE

Loretta Singletary, Extension Educator, UNCE

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