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Cowboy Express Reaches Nevada

The Grass March, or as some call it the Cowboy Express, has made its way from West Coast and is crossing Nevada. Horseback riders are on their way to Washington, D.C. to deliver collective petitions.

It all started in late summer, when Commissioner from Elko Grant Gerber drafted first resolution that supposed to bring attention to Nevada’s public land mismanagement. Later other ranchers from neighboring counties wrote their own resolutions on federal government’s overreach of lands and joined the riders.

“In Nevada BLM and Forest Service has complete monopoly on grass, denying the inalienable rights of Shoshone and Paiute people and ranchers from benefitting from the fruit of their labor,” says Commissioner Gerber. “They are reducing grazing, reducing grazing, reducing grazing and as a result a wildlife is greatly damaged.”  

A Pony Express-style riders are planning to be in Washington within twenty days and will deliver the petitions to the Congress.


Grant Gerber, Elko County Commissioner 

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