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Tarkanian Pushes To Outlaw 'Unruly' Homes

A man’s home is his castle – at least until the neighbors complain.

When things in the castle start to get unruly, a Las Vegas City Council member wants police to step in.

The City Council tomorrow will consider a bill that could affect gatherings in your home.

Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian is pushing to outlaw "unruly" conduct in homes where eight or more people gather. The definition of unruly conduct, as she outlines it, can include music that is too loud, lots of traffic to and from a home, drunken people in a right-of-way, serving alcohol to minors, possessing or consuming controlled substances, littering and public urination or defecation.

Most of that conduct is already regulated by various laws, but Tarkanian hopes the new ordinance adds more teeth to enforcement of those laws.

Tarkanian is also behind a law to be considered Wednesday that will add more regulation to so-called "party houses," which are short-term rentals for weekend partiers in residential neighborhoods.


Lois Tarkanian, Las Vegas city council

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