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Tony Hsieh-Funded Startup Rumgr Purchased By EBay

One of the first tech startups funded by Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project has been sold to eBay.

Rumgr is an app that allows individuals to sell used items to one another. eBay has purchased Rumgr for an undisclosed amount.

Rumgr is like a garage sale for your smart phone--buyers and sellers find one another on an app that shows pictures of goods for sale,  prices, and some information about each user.

"Rumgr is like a less creepy Craiglist," he said on KNPR's State of Nevada.

Dylan Bathurst left his programming job at Zappos three years ago to try to beat Craiglist at its own game--a lofty goal.

But the RMGR team had difficulty getting people to adopt the app in large numbers. In April, eBay came calling with an offer to acquire RMGR's technology.

Now Bathhurst and his team of developers head to the Bay Area to continue to work on the project.


Dylan Bathurst, founder, Rumgr
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