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Aerial Mob Film Company Approved For Drone Use

Aerial Mob is one of six aerial cinematography companies  approved by the Federal Aviation Administration to use drones for filming in commercials, TV shows and feature films.

Treggon Owens, who handles technology and business development for Aerial Mob, expects the company to begin shooting films and TV shows in November. Owens told KNPR that the company is in talks with six major studios in Southern California for projects.

Unmanned aerial cameras are legal elsewhere in the world, but have been prohibited for commercial use in the U.S. until now, Owens expects drones to fundamentally change the way movies are made.

The process for getting the exemption started almost two years ago, and included a partnership with the Motion Picture Association of America. The partnership allowed the industry to lobby the FAA, the National Transportation Safety Board and Congress to get the exemption.

Owens did not discuss filming in Nevada. On Dec. 30, Nevada was named one of six states select as drone testing sites, which will assist the FAA integrating drones into U.S. commercial airspace by the end of September 2015.


Treggon Owens, technology and business development with Aerial Mob
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