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Metro Dancing Cop Video Goes Viral

The marriage of cell phone cameras and the Internet has given us front row seats to the best and worst in humanity. This story is about some of the best.

Las Vegas Metropolitan police officer Tim Fletcher was caught on camera doing something – sure, it’s a kind of dance -- with a little boy being treated for cancer. The week-old video already has tens of thousands of hits on YouTube.

Fletcher, a Metro cop since 1999, has been a volunteer at Cure 4 The Kids Foundation on Maryland Parkway for four years. After learning about the foundation's mission to help children stricken with disease, he decided he wanted to help.

"A lot of times in our job, we see the ugly side of life," Fletcher told KNPR's State of Nevada. "Imagine you're a kid 5 years old and someone tell you, 'You've got this disease and we've got to give you these really powerful chemicals to help you and ... they may make you sick.' How does a 5-year-old process that?

"As I got thinking about it, if I could take an hour or two, joke around with a kid, do some weird dance moves, paint a sunflower with a little girl and maybe put a smile on their face for a few minutes, it's the least I could do."

Here's the video:


Tim Fletcher, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer
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