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Inner Workings Of Clark County Coroner's Office Revealed In Reality TV

He’s one of the first people to see you after you die. As the key chains he hands out say, Mike Murphy is a “last responder” – as Murphy is the Clark County Coroner.

A one-hour pilot reality TV show featuring him and his staff at the Clark County Coroner’s Office airs Wednesday on the Lifetime Movie Network. Though somewhat macabre themed, the show has all the elements of a would-be hit: death and Las Vegas.

It also has Murphy, one of the most personable agency heads in local government who doubles as a motivational speaker. Murphy talked to KNPR's State of Nevada about the difficulties of creating a show that is respectful while it looks into the homes of people at one of the lowest moments in their lives.


Mike Murphy, Clark Count Coroner and star of "Postmortem in Vegas"
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