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It's An Ongoing Love Affair With Area 51

To the casual observer, a remote area of Edwards Air Force Base in the Nevada desert wouldn't look like much -- a dry lakebed, the odd Joshua tree and prefab housing. But these surroundings are home to one of the most controversial government domains of the postmodern era: Area 51.

For generations, this lonely outpost at dry Groom Lake in Lincoln County has been the subject of all manner of speculation. Is it a port for visiting spacecraft? A venue for alien autopsies? Maybe, it’s a top secret military base?

The public appetite for conspiracy theories involving Area 51 has been insatiable. Much of what happened at Area 51 is now declassified, and the government has finally admitted the base exists.

Thornton D. Barnes is an expert on the subject of Area 51 having worked there during its secret heyday. Barnes will discuss his career with the CIA and other adventures at Area 51 on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. as part of UNLV’s College of Liberal Arts' University Forum Lecture Series.


Thornton “T.D.” Barnes, retired CIA contractor
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