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Assemblyman Edwards: I'm Being Bullied

First-year Assemblyman Chris Edwards is at the center of political and potential criminal intrigue, the story of which is filling the halls of the state building in Carson City with whispered anticipation.

Edwards, a Republican, has alleged he is the victim of an extortion plot by more extreme Republicans to get him to fall in line with their views. 

He told KNPR’s State of Nevada that although he cannot talk about the specifics of the case, he can say he was asked to change his vote for Assembly Speaker.

He said he voted for Speaker John Hambrick.  

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is investigating. Police have already searched homes in Las Vegas and in Virginia.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Las Vegas home that was searched belonged to Rob Lauer, who had applied for the Assembly seat vacated when Assemblyman Wes Duncan was hired by the state attorney general’s office.

In an interview with the Review-Journal, Lauer acknowledged that Metro had served a search warrant at his house, taking his cellphone and a computer. Lauer said “I have nothing to hide.”

The home in Virginia that was raided is owned by Tony Dane, a GOP consultant who has a political action committee that is trying to recall Edwards. Edwards called Dane one of the major suspects in the case.

The recall effort was launched by residents of Mesquite but Edward said he talked with several people in the area who believe the effort is “crazy.”

Edwards said Chuck Muth, a conservative blogger, and Dane are creating problems that aren’t there.

“I think it is pretty clear that there some entities outside our district, namely Mr. Dane and Chuck Muth, who has been writing some very visceral things about myself and several others, that have kind of been stirring the pot on this,” Edwards said.

The assemblyman said the recall effort is premature because not one vote has even been cast in connection with the bills that are expected to be controversial, specifically Gov. Brian Sandoval’s proposed budget which would raise taxes and fees for education.   

When asked if the recall effort is just a bullying effort, the lawmaker agreed, "Sure! That's the tactics that these guys usually use," Edwards said, "It's not going to work."


Chris Edwards, Assemblyman, District 19
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Chris Edwards, Assemblyman, District 19

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