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Questions Surround Legislature's 3rd Week

The State Legislature enters its third week with some momentum but many, many questions. Questions of leadership are at the top of the list.

After Governor Brian Sandoval introduced budget proposals that gave a little bit to both conservatives and Democrats, a core of Assembly Republicans have vowed to rebel against him.

Lawmakers against any new taxes for any reason want to kill the governor’s plan, which calls for new taxes to boost education funding. For many years, Nevada has ranked at the bottom nationally in education funding and achievement.

Assemblyman Paul Anderson, R-Las Vegas, told KNPR’s State of Nevada that Gov. Brian Sandoval is very involved in talking with legislators about moving the budget forward.

“I think he has, across the board, meet with just about every one of the legislators to talk about what his plans are,” Anderson said.

Anderson also believes the rhetoric of no-new taxes is dying down as lawmakers get into the actual business of governing.

“I think the numbers dwindle as we get down to business.” Anderson said.

UNLV political science professor David Damore believes a lot of the pieces of legislation being discussed in Carson City right now are really only seeing the light of day because both houses are controlled by Republicans.

“A lot of bills that are coming forward have been in the hopper for years and years and years,” Damore said. “It’s just when the Republicans were in the minority, they never got to see the light of day.”

Political columnist Steve Sebelius agreed, especially the 17 bills addressing gun rights.

“There is a lot of gun bills that never went anywhere when the Democrats were in charge,” Sebelius said. “The authors of those bills now see an opportunity to bring those forward.”

Assemblyman Anderson said that while the gun bills are generating buzz, they are not a priority.

“While there may be a lot of talk around those gun bills, it is certainly not our number one focus on what we need to accomplish this session.” Anderson said.


Assemblyman Paul Anderson, R-Las Vegas

Steve Sebelius, political columnist, Las Vegas Review-Journal

David Damore, political science professor, UNLV
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Assemblyman Paul Anderson, R-Las Vegas

Steve Sebelius, political columnist, Las Vegas Review-Journal

David Damore, political science professor, UNLV

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