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Efforts To Save Threatened Frog Species In Nevada Fail


 Nevada has a one-of-a-kind animal called the relict leopard frog. However, the population is teetering on the brink of extinction, counting only 1,700 adults.

Five years ago, in an attempt to save the animal, volunteers, government agencies and UNLV researchers approached Clark County for help in establishing a safe refuge for the disappearing species.

The county provided a pond near the upper Muddy River and over the course of five years, 2,000 relict leopard tadpoles were relocated there. 

The conservationists built a fence to keep predators away and made sure vegetation and the environment were just right, but something went wrong. None of frogs moved to the area survived.   


Jef Jaeger, assistant professor at UNLV’s School of Life Science

Marci Henson, assistant director, Clark County’s Department of Comprehensive Planning

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