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Coffee: The Brew Of Champions

The wave has hit Las Vegas – the coffee wave, that is, in what the connoisseurs refer to as third-wave coffee, or the movement of the craft culture that considers coffee an artisanal food, rather than a commodity.

Much like the wine and beer craft culture, third-wave coffee cultivates a higher appreciation of coffee that considers complexities of flavor, growing regions and brewing variety.

Las Vegas’ coffee culture is relatively new compared to places like neighboring California or New York and it’s up against a large presence of corporations.

“In our town, barista are considered a low-wage workers but in other cities they’re considered career barista,” Juanny Romero, co-owner of Sunrise Coffee House, said.

But the experts know it’s all about the experience a local coffee shop can create for the customer. The experience, combined with refining one's palate for a new appreciation of the good stuff.

"There isn't a lot of coffee connoisseurs in town but we see what people enjoy is the experience they get," Joshua Walter of Sunrise Coffee House said.

KNPR talked to some local coffee experts on the art of brewing coffee, as well as how to get a good cup at home: Joshua Walter and Juanny Romero, from Sunrise Coffee House at 3130 E. Sunset Road, and Joshua Molina and Valeria Varela from Makers and Finders Coffee at 1120 S. Main St.

Walter told KNPR's State of Nevada experimenting with coffee and water ratios and types of coffee will help you decide precisely how you like your cup of joe, but really two things make the biggest difference:

“The only important thing you have to do with home brewing is you have to have a good coffee grinder and you have to have good coffee,” Walter said.


Joshua Walter, owner, Sunrise Coffee House

Juanny Romero, owner, Sunrise Coffee House

Joshua Molina, owner, Makers & Finders Coffee

Valerie Varela, owner, Makers & Finders Coffee

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Joshua Walter, owner, Sunrise Coffee House; Juanny Romero, owner, Sunrise Coffee House; Joshua Molina, owner, Makers & Finders Coffee; Valerie Varela, owner, Makers & Finders Coffee

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